6 Brilliant Inventions that Changed the Way You Shop


The whole concept of shopping has revolutionized since many years! Sometimes it seems like an ever changing process as we can notice a remarkable change in the way people are shopping nowadays. And, it can be obviously stated that the scenario will further alter tremendously in near future!

For example, it’s quite impossible in today’s era to think about what shopping would actually be, without online store, credit cards or debit cards. But, once upon a time, the situation was completely different. And, the most accepted approach for shopping was nothing but just carrying some cash and hopping into the stores.

Moreover, over the time, besides the certitude of bank cards and online shopping, many other new and smart inventions came into existence with regards to shopping. And, for sure, such strategies redirected the notion of purchasing things towards a whole new and advanced perspective!

Well, here’s a rundown of the six most vivid innovations that changed the shopping scenario recently like never before!

Have a look!

1. Smart technologies

With the advent of a technological era during these days, there are a huge number of technologies that are making people’s lives easier day by day. And, the scenario remains constant when it comes to shopping.

Apart from online shopping websites and various thrilling mobile apps there are some unique technologies as well!! For instance, if you consider Amazon dash button then you would be able to place your online orders in an extremely convenient manner.

Amazon Dash Button Works

Wondering what actually is it? Well, it is a Wi-Fi connected device that reorders your favorite products online with just a press of a button. Each of these button accompanies a desirable product of yours which get selected during the setup process.

So, when you are in a go then simply press the dash button and it will be done!

Also, there is a yet another innovation from Amazon which is available nowadays and that is nothing but the Amazon Go!

You can have a ‘just walk out’ shopping experience rather than a tedious one through this app. Just enter the store, take the products you want and leave! No checkout, no lines!! Isn’t it just simply superb?

2. Catalogues

When it’s about shopping in-store then a catalog is quite a pretty big thing! The catalogs make the scenario of shopping much convenient for people as they are able to take an easy glance over the whole collection of a store. And, then choose their favorite ones!

Also, the process of mailing the catalogs made shopping an easy task for the shoppers since a long time. It’s because when they receive one then they can easily select the products that they want to buy while simply sitting at the home. And, then send the catalog back with the payment.

3. Discount coupons

Since coupons came into existence when the co-owner of Coca Cola first created these for marketing the soft drink in 1888.


19th century Coca-Cola coupon” by Coca-Cola – Scanned by uploader from Wired (Nov 2010), Vol. 18, No. 11, p. 104.. Licensed under Public domain via Wikimedia Commons.

It has always been a bewildering aspect of shopping! Who doesn’t want to save some bucks while shopping? And, the lucrative deals, offers, and coupons let the people do that in the most thrilling way. There can be physical and online coupons both!

So, whether it’s online shopping or you are going for making a purchase at the brick and mortar stores, you would save huge dollars while shopping nowadays. This astounding actuality about shopping is enticing people to fill their bags more and more for years!

4. Self-serving

The whole idea of clerks picking up the bags for customers and heading towards the counters was valid since 1917. And, it was definitely not a great idea to do so of course which was creating an ambiance of differentiation and hierarchy among people.

But, Clarence Saunders changed the whole circumstance and made the shopping environment a healthy one. Then, customers started carrying their bags to shelves and counters by their own.

5. Making contact-less payments

It all started in the year of 1997 when Mobil Gas Stations in America set the first example for contactless payments. The company offered its customers to pay through SpeedPass which was nothing but a device that was clipped onto key rings. And, customers were able to wave by a gas pump and pay for the gas without any ado!

Since then various other excellent ways to make contactless payments have been introduced which made the genre of shopping an extremely hassle-free one.

6. Bar codes

Barcodes being the stupendous computerized authentication symbol always turn out to be a great relaxing factor for the people while shopping. It’s because everyone checks out for a barcode while buying a product.

Shop via Barcode

And, when they find the same then they purchase without holding any perplexing feeling about the quality of the product in their mind. So, all thanks go to IMB for successfully and properly introducing the symbol to the world.

7. Click and collect

The way of grabbing exactly what a shopper buys in his or her most convenient time can be one of the most booming inventions with regards to shopping. Isn’t it? And, that objective has been accomplished successfully through the introduction of click and collect mode of delivery when it’s about online shopping.

In such a scenario, you can buy a product online money loans in a frugal way while snatching the exclusive coupons and deals which are available online. And, opt for getting the purchased products in your hand whenever it is the right time for you from your nearest store.

Rather, you don’t have to choose for a home-delivery system where there could be immense chances sometimes that you might not remain available at home during the delivery time.

And the story goes beyond…

There are also some of the techniques marketers use to promote the sales. We have listed the techniques that have changed the way of purchase. Referral marketing is being one of them. It may convert the buyer into marketer!

Well, now the major question is what will the future of shopping unfold for us? And, it can be assuredly stated that technologies are going to get more and smarter with each passing day!

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