The Top 5 Most Popular Types of Sales Promotions


Are you sure the way you are doing sales promotion for your business is appropriate enough? Then, it must be grabbing for you a huge profit as well as ROI both. Right? Well, if the scenario is not like the same then you are presumably not taking the right strides!

In fact, if you want to ramp up your sales or acquire new customers then it’s quite necessary for you to start taking the effective and right steps as soon as possible. Moreover, even the well-known brand of JC Penny discovered that customers get so much influenced by sales that they prefer to spend more for once, than experiencing low prices always.

Want to know how exactly will you be able to do an astounding sales promotion? Well, here is a rundown of some of the most amazing approaches that you can always opt for!

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1. Offer discounted products

To add a lucrative discount on your products is one of the smartest ways to offer a promotion. People just love to grab offers and deals whenever they are out for shopping. And, thus it’s quite an enthralling way to attract more customers towards your products and services.

But, make sure that you always consider your bottom line and make sure to not have a sale continuously. Also, ensure about coming up with extremely attractive sales always to entice more and more potential customers all the time.

2. FREE shipping is great

It has been recently observed in a potential study that 80% of the customers prefer more to buy from Amazon when they are offered FREE shipping! When there is free shipping and returns offered by the stores then it is quite likely that people prefer to shop from the same more frequently. The reason behind such an act by people lies in the fact that customers get a sense of security that they are not going to lose anything.

Moreover, if you are worried about your margins then you can always incorporate the delivery cost into your product price. Also, you can further place an option for the customers that when they will be able to enjoy a free shipping when they spend over a certain amount.

3. Loyalty points do wonders

If you are able to build a solid base of your loyal fans then it would be a great way to do sales promotion! You can offer a superb customer service team for your customers and also consider loyalty point system as an excellent promotional approach.

Also, this is not the end! You can even think about setting up a virtual card. On doing so, your customers can gain points every time they buy something. And, then use the points further to shop. For example, if they buy 9 products then it becomes quite probable that they get the 10th one free!

4. Giveaway coupons

Give away coupons

It is one of the most exciting and unique ways to promote your business. If you send some lucrative virtual coupons to your customers then it will make the promotions seem to be more exclusive and will give a brisk push to the customers for purchasing things from your store.

Also, you can send some exclusive discount offers to those visitors who had a bad experience with your store once upon a time. This will be a great way to turn them to be the happy customers again!

5. Exclusive promotions for holidays

Do you know why holiday promotions are so successful? Well, that’s really a true fact that customers always like to spend more around the holidays. And, thus it is always a perfect opportunity for you to get your brand out there and sell more and more products.

But, you don’t have to go crazy on your offers rather! Just enticing the customers with slight discounts will always work in your favor. You should also get a little more creative with your promotions at that time and print the theme of the holiday to sell your products more effectively.

So, with no more ado, opt for the astounding strategies mentioned above for doing a great sales promotion. And, you will be able to enhance your profit rate like never before!

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