Tricks to Save Big on Cyber Monday 2017


We are approaching fast towards the biggest shopping day of the year!! Yes, you heard it right we are talking about Cyber Monday. It is the time when traders give huge discounts on all of their products.

This year, the traders are giving extra discounts as they are quite restless about launching the ultimate Cyber Monday sale at the start of the month. Well, that seems to be quite interesting. Right? But, unfortunately, it would enhance your efforts as you have to go through a pile of things before you decide to buy your coveted one.

So, you need to take the strides very carefully before you hop into the stores to start your Cyber Monday shopping.

So, here are certain tricks for you which will help you save huge on Cyber Monday 2017 for sure.

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1. Research the Deals

Before you start rushing to the stores on Cyber Monday or overload your browser with lots of tabs, look into offers before time so that you can do some planning. By doing some advanced research online such as looking for leaked ads, downloading shopping apps, signing up for retailers and newsletters you can get an idea prior the shopping rush starts!!

2. Shop Smartly

The deals you get during the other holidays don’t differ from what you find on Cyber Monday. You can even get greater offers during this shopping spree when compared to other occasions.

Below is a rundown of different categories of products and the percentage of discounts which were applied to the same during the Cyber Monday 2016.

Just have a look!

• Designer Clothing: 40%
• Multi category: 40%
• Personal services: 39%
• Teen clothing: 37%
• Clothing: 35%
• Accessories: 35%
• Sports & Fitness: 34%
• Toys & kids: 33
• Computers & electronics: 33%
• Shoes: 33%

So, we can further expect that the numbers are going to be the same this year and even could be more than that!

3. Make a Shopping List and Stick to it

Do you make a list when you visit a grocery store? Just like that make a shopping list for the holidays. The list will help you to remain within the limits of your budget and prevent you from buying things which you don’t really need.

Retailers like Amazon help you keep your holiday lists organized and also lets you create personalized gift lists which you intend to come up with. Moreover, you could also use sites like Pinterest to create boards and fill the same with ample amount of gift ideas. You could even invite your friends to pin ideas onto it.

4. Compare Prices

It’s ok to listen to your heart during the holidays!! That means before you buy anything, you should double check it while comparing the same with other traders unless you finally find the lowest price of your product.

Your Own Price Tracker

The easiest way to determine this is by using price comparison engines such as Google Shopping, ShopSavvy, PriceGrabber or build your own. These sites let you compare prices of the same products which are available with different retailers. In most cases, you have to sort it out by shipping fees or the price itself if you are shopping in-store.

5. Don’t Wait Till Cyber Monday to Make your Payments

Cyber Monday is a one-day event. During this part of the year, the shopping season starts at Halloween. Till date, we’ve seen that the sales at Dell and HP start a long time before the Cyber Monday

Although many sales are temporary, they’ll reappear on Cyber Monday again. The sooner you make the purchase, the more would be the chances to get your favorite products in-stock.

It is expected that the Cyber Monday 2017 deals will start off as early on 25th November 2017

6. Beware of Doorbuster Sales

What is Cyber Monday without a great doorbuster sale? While some of the deals are just designed to grab your attention and nothing else! Many of them require you to read it before taking decisions. Sometimes it happens that it is available only for few hours or limited quantities.

In some cases, the deals might sound extremely tempting such as spotting a tablet at just $20! But when you realize that the tablet is ravage and outdated in terms of technology then all such excitement goes in vain.

P.S. Don’t waste your time or efforts to hold up to a store’s doorbuster deals unless you double-check with the authenticity of the same,

7. Cyber Stalk the Big Retailers

The Best way to grab attention on holiday sales is to cyber stalk your favorite retailer. Simple! Just follow them on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. According to the statistics from previous years, it shows that retailers use these platforms to release special coupon codes on holiday sales.

Some of the eminent big names that you can stalk are as follows:

Best Buy

8. Limit to Only One Credit Card

To split the cost is a common instance these days and holidays are no exclusion! So if you want to stay safe from any potential identity theft then limit your number of credit cards which you are using during the holiday sale.

If you use cash instead of credit cards then it would be definitely a great idea. But there are many benefits of using credit cards such as earning cash back and rewards as well. So, there is n wrong in using a credit card. Just make sure that you stick to one!

Winding Up

If you want to save huge bucks on this Cyber Monday then just keep these specific things in your mind for sure. And you would definitely end up relishing the frugal and brand-new addition to your existing technology collection like never before.

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