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Weddings are fun and stressful at the same time. However, the most fun part about the weddings is bridesmaid dresses shopping. Going out with your girls for choosing the best dresses for them and trying one after another is super fun.

However, it may happen that you do not get the latest trending outfits in the stores and you may not be able to shop properly. Also, the maid of honor may not get along with one of your bridesmaids and going bride maid shopping could turn into a big disaster just like the movie BRIDESMAIDS.

So, When in doubt, go online shopping. There are a few stores that we have picked up for you which has perfect solution for the bridesmaid dress shopping with your girls. With tons of colors and styles and sizes, we promise you will be able to live up to your reputation of being elegant and classy.

Some of the trending bridesmaid styles are cold-shoulder, one shoulder, tiered ruffle, strapless, bold & neon, mismatched and so on. There are few stores that are exclusively dedicated to brides and bridesmaids. So, here it goes:

1. JJ’s House

JJ’s house is the store that will fulfill all your fantasies of being perfect bride and get amazing bridesmaids dresses for your girls. Whether it is the latest off-shoulder dress or sexy sequined dress, you will find everything here.

Also, this store is not limited to bride and bridesmaid dresses, it has flower girl dresses and junior bridesmaid dresses as well. Choose what suits you.

2. Azazie

The best part about Azazie is that you have the liberty to try clothes at home at your disposal. All you need is to pay $10 and chose the dresses you wish to try at home. You have the option of ample colors such as Cabernet red, daffodil yellow, Tangerine Orange, Flamingo pink and so on.

Here is the Azazie color list, choose the dress that matches your style and taste and select the best. Be it neon color or cool colors, you have it all here.

Bride Dress Trend

3. TBDresses

The TBDresses have almost all the latest trending bridesmaid dresses like velvet dresses, tiered ruffled dresses, cold shoulder, body-con dresses, classic strapless dresses and so on. Pair it with chic accessories and low bun hairdo and you are all set to get the full attention of groomsmen.

Apart from the above shown, there are many other options available at TBDresses for your girlfriends to show off a bit.

4. Dresslily

If your girlfriend is size 6 or size 10, you have perfect bridesmaid dress for both. One of the latest bridesmaid trends of 2018 is plus size dress. Even the girl with size 6 prefers plus size because it is new sexy. Below are some of the pictures from Dresslily, which are not only perfect for curvy but for slim body as well.

Why torture yourself with tight dresses while you can wear oversized and look even sexier…right?

5. Topshop

It is a UK bridal shop that fulfills every demand of yours from wedding dresses, lingerie to bridesmaid dresses. It is one of the place that your girls won’t secretly hate because it has got dresses that can be used way after the wedding is over.

Be it a long maxi silk dress or short ruffled dress, Topshop is the place for you and your girls. You can choose the dresses in your budget because it ranges from $50 to $200, so do not worry about going easy on pockets, you can go crazy.

Wedding Dress Trend

6. Brideside

If your girls are not into dresses and getting ready, instead they would prefer to prioritize their time to something more important like deciding on your honeymoon destination or decorating your wedding venue, then these two stores are perfect for you.

It has jumpsuit bridesmaid dress and that too the ones that would prove to be better than dresses. Here are the images to help you:

When it comes to bridesmaid dresses, jumpsuits are comfy and can be sophisticated as well. And BTW rompers work too.

7. Missguidedus

If your girls want to look super hot and flaunt the curves of their body then, is the store for them. It has shortest dresses known to mankind which is enough to grab groomsmen’s attention.

It has red scuba bandeau skater dress and blue satin floral belted wrap V-neck dresses. The fantastic thing about them is you would get them at the price range of $25 to $50. It is also a life time investment for your girls.

They could double as date dresses and house party dresses as well. Whether your girls want sleek and silky slip dresses, dramatic sleeves, and close-to-body silhouettes, all is there for them at


Who doesn’t love BHLDN, right? It has all the wedding apparels that is being required at a wedding. From bridal dress to bridesmaid’s dresses to lingerie to flower girl dresses everything.

It is you who has to get confused and choose from so many available options. So if you love to play with your prey, then this is the online destination for you my friend. Explore the ground.

9. Reformation

These are the perfect place for you and your girls. You can choose beautiful bridesmaid dresses with the same color and different styles. You can also mix and match the dresses. Satin dress or silk dresses, long dress or short ones, thigh slit or conservative neck, it is all available here.

All you need to do is to click this link and you will be presented with the most beautiful dresses you have ever laid your eyes on.

Bridesmaid Dress Trend

10. Jenny Yoo

One of the trending bridesmaid dress designs include celestial prints. The dress that has starts and other celestial objects printed on the dress to make you look like a beautiful starry night.

Thus, Jenny Yoo has celestial print dresses which should be considered for your bridesmaid dresses. Also, you could match it with your bridesmaid dresses.

11. Modcloth

Ruffles never go out of style. Just like retro music, the retro dresses are also classic. However, you can redesign them according to your sense of style and design. And, if you do not want to do that, you can search for them on Modcloth. It has beautiful ruffled dresses that will make your girls drool over the dress and boys drool over them.

12. Revolve

If you are someone who has to go overboard with the dressing, since subtlety is not your thing, try Revolve. It has all the funky bridesmaid dresses with tons of styles and colors and fabrics. Whether it is cocktail, casual and black-tie, they have it all.

It’s your wedding and it mostly happens once in a lifetime, so you need not go easy on yourself or the girls. Besides CouponsMonk will take care of the pockets, so you can go crazy.

13. Fame And Partners

When it comes to bridesmaids it is not necessary that you choose to go classy. You can go modern and also for custom made dresses. It is on you and the girls that how you want your dress to be and bridesmaid have right to go crazy over their dresses. Cleavage showing neon dress or deep back black dress or floral jumper suit, it’s all valid.

14. Union Station

The Union Station has all the bridesmaid dresses which are under $200. this means you and your girls can look beautiful and you can go easy on your pockets. Simple yet beautiful bridesmaid gowns – all available at Union Station.

Whether you choose royal blue or pink or off-shoulder purple dress, it will fit your budget and your girls will love you too. Generally, weddings cost too much, so bridesmaid dress is not something that should stress you out. Hence, Union station Dresses under $200.

15. Joanna August

Joanna August has beautiful chiffon dresses with different pastel colors. Who doesn’t like pastel dresses right? These bridesmaid dresses are multi-purpose where you can shorten them and wear it again after the wedding is over.

Whether it is full-sleeved floor length dress or jumpsuit or top with a skirt, Joanna August has the treasure. These below pictures are the glimpse of what it has in it for you:

There is a playground for you and your girls. Just take your time, research and then buy the bridesmaid dress for your girls.


Make your wedding process fun, not only for you but for your girlfriends too. If you are also one the few who believe sisters before misters, then give your girls what they deserve. You can buy bridesmaid dresses from above-mentioned stores with CouponsMonk and can redeem your coupon to buy the quality stuff at a cheaper rate before it is too late.

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