Treats for Mom to Make Her Feel Extra Special this Mother’s Day


Mom or mother, it is said that God cannot be anywhere so he created mother and she is special in almost everyone’s life. You cannot do favors like your mom has done to you, but you can do things to help her out and appreciate her.

Show your appreciation for all what she has done. The most important thing is to treat her with kindness and affection that she deserves.

Here are some ways to treat your mom and make her feel extra special this Mother’s Day.

Make Her Happy

It is obvious that every mother is different to other, so you’ll need to decide what makes her happy! Well, we all have different ideas to make a gift or make your mom feel special, right? But that’s not the case with all.

If you are an adventure guy then gifting your mom gift cards of water rafting would be fine! But if her favorite activities would be hiking or cycling, she might appreciate that gift much as you thought!

So, you need to try and find out what she would really like without asking her directly! You can ask other family members about her interests like massage/pedicure combo or a wine tasting event or you can put together a collage of photos from the past or bring some of her favorite flora and fauna and help her in gardening or help her in cooking. Or you could cook a meal all by yourself for her!

Prepare Breakfast for Her

The first part of Mother’s Day is breakfast and what’s better than pampering her with a special breakfast? You could make a spa breakfast which is more like a treat than a diet!

You can find many spa-breakfast recipes online like a tropical gluten-free breakfast idea such as Mango Coconut cluster granola with coconut yogurt and fresh mangoes or bacon and eggs will also do!

Take on her Work without Being Asked

You would not aware of it, but your mother does a lot of work in her day-to-day life. If your mom is a working woman then probably she would be juggling her work and family together!

Take on Mom Work without Being Asked

This Mother’s Day, revolve around being really aware of the goings-on and take an initiative to take care of things of your mom in her daily work. Do dishes, take out the garbage, do laundry, do whatever you can do so she will automatically appreciate it and it would be better for her if you do for the entire weekend instead of just a day.

Gift Her Something Special

Gift her something special which will make her cherish and which can thoroughly enjoy! Whatever you choose to give shouldn’t be expensive as long as you put thought into it, try and give her something she’ll really like.

You could give her an embroidered scarf with her name monogrammed on it or if your mother likes to document special events and occasions, she’ll definitely love to have something nice to use such as a planner or journal embossed with something personal and don’t forget to include a matching pen to make it extra special.

Moreover, if she loves to read magazines, subscribe to her favorite magazine and she will remember you every month when her favorite magazine arrives! As your mom does so much for others, you could book a spa day for relaxation. She’ll love being pampered having her hair done, getting a massage, and having a manicure/pedicure.

Give her Your Time

Time flies really quickly so you can give her the gift of time. Take her to dinner at a nice restaurant or a cultural event like opera or exhibitions. She might be adventurous sort and you can go to an amusement park to enjoy the moments.

Either way, keep away your phone and devote all your time and attention to your mother. Remember, activity is not important, spending quality time together and rejoicing old memories is important!

Write a Letter

Write your mom a handwritten note. This is an opportunity to write a heartfelt letter to your mother to tell her the things you appreciate about her.

Write a Letter to Mom

Whether it’s thanking her for everything she’s done for you or telling her how much you admire her for various reasons or just tell her you love her and is very proud to be her kid.

It’s the best option if you write by hand, typing is easy but writing something yourself takes time and effort which will be appreciated by her! Always remember, mothers won’t be forever, so it’s important to let them know you care while you still have chances to do. With this letter of appreciation, your bond will become strong with your mother!

Create a Garden

If your mom’s house has any outdoor space then transform into a lush and gorgeous garden that she can enjoy! If she has a large property with unused spaces on her property, know what would she like to place and then do-it-yourself or hire some landscapers to do it for you!

If the only space she has is her small patio then a couple of potted lilacs or climbing wisteria can flank either side for color and scent. You can even use window-boxes along the length of the railing with all manner of flowers and herbs. Add in a small patio set for a 2 and voila, you will have a mini paradise only for her!

Start a New Tradition

If you have no tradition of celebrating Mother’s Day, it’s time to start a new one. You can vow to take a family pic every mother’s day or have a glorious all-day picnic somewhere nearby. Organize a get-together with her input what would be a lovely tradition to start!

Let Her Choose

If your mom has a particular fondness for something that you are unaware of, give her complete freedom to decide what she’d like to get. You may love something but that doesn’t mean she loves the same!

Let mom Choose

If the item/experience she chooses is something you’d enjoy as well then participate in it with her! She will definitely appreciate it and enjoy it as well!

Team up for Something Grand

If you would like to do something spectacular for your mom then team with other family members for an extravaganza! This could be anything from a weekend in a spa or front-row tickets for a performance she’s dying to see!

Pooling resources mean no would be breaking their piggy banks to make her mother happy and she would even get an experience something gorgeous and get to create a memory to remember all that made possible with you all!

Make a Donation by Her Name

If you really love your mom and would like to win her heart then make a donation made in her name to a charity she supports. If you and you mom have an opposing belief they try and find one that you both agree on such as human rights or child protection groups or similar and you mom will surely have a smile on her face along with appreciation!

Frame Specials Photos for Her Wall

Frame Specials Photos for Her Wall

Decorate your mom’s wall with hundreds of her favorite photos. And it is easy to do and won’t affect your pocket as well. Just pick some favorites, print them up and frame them! This could be the last minute gift you can do on this Mother’s Day!

Make a Website only For Her

Express your love and show it to the world by creating a simple website only for her. You can use a site as a blogger to do this for free or go an extra mile and buy a domain and hosting! Set up the site and all about how you feel about your mother. If you have no knowledge about how to run a website? Tools such as WordPress can be installed on most hosts to make it relatively easy to run!

Make a Family Calendar

There must be a lot of birthdays and other events your mom would like to keep a track of. Help her by making a family calendar. Print a table calendar with her favorite memories with which she can remember your birthday’s to keep on her desk while she is at work!


With the ideas mentioned above can actually win your mom’s heart on this Mother’s Day. While there are some gifts which you can give your mom to make it extra special like a customized gift basket or a personalized jewelry which she can always wear making you her favorite kid!

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