Top 5 Meats to Grill at Home This Summer

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Is there anything nicer in the long days of summer than a relaxed family day in the yard, just relaxing, listening to some good sounds, and then throwing a few top class meaty treats onto the barbecue for everyone to feast on?

Yep, definitely a great way to spend a day, though for novice grillers knowing which meats to choose from the endless selection in the market’s chiller cabinet can be a conundrum. We get that, and it’s why we’ve put together this handy guide to picking the top five meats that will do your grill party proud.

So why not get reading, go shopping for groceries and start grilling!


Choose meaty lamb loin chops around one inch thick for a tasty grilled treat, as these are both the leanest and the juiciest cut. (Tip: you can tell it’s a loin chop by the T-bone). Trim the edge fat before grilling to avoid the grill flaring, then brush a little oil over both sides of the chops and season with salt, pepper and a little rosemary – or any other herb you like to pair with this kind of meat.

Leave the chops out of the fridge for a half hour, as grilling icy chilled meat doesn’t let the full flavor of lamb shine – meanwhile you can get the grill ready as it needs to get nice and hot. Once ready grill the chops on direct heat with the lid open for around four minutes each side, then cover the meat and let it rest for a few minutes before serving.


Perhaps the first choice for most grill parties, beef is incredibly versatile, with everything from hamburger to steak doing well when cooked this way. You don’t need to always go for the traditional ribeye and T-bone steaks either, as hanger skirt, flank and flat iron cuts are also tasty and great for grilling.

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Both chicken breasts and drumsticks can be grilled, but as they really need to be thoroughly cooked through, usually without skin, they can be dry – so this is a meat well worth marinating before you cook it. (Tip: if you don’t have time to marinate chicken go for thighs instead, as they are juicer and retain moisture for longer.)

If you prefer turkey look out for thin cutlets which will cook quite fast, though again you may prefer to marinate them to avoid the end results being too tough to really enjoy.


This may not be your obvious choice for a meat to grill but it really does well being cooked that way. You can choose pretty much any cut, but veal chops are a good place for those new to veal to start as they are always tender. With this meat a marinade is optional.


A tasty, low fat alternative to poultry, pork holds its own on the grill, and both pork chops and loin cuts are fast and easy to cook, as are ham steaks. If you have the equipment and interest it’s worth looking at grilling ribs too.

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