7 Toothsome Cookies That Will Surely Make You Drool

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Okay, let’s face it: When it comes to foods and drinks we always have an urge to taste something different and more delectable than the dishes or cocktails that we tried before! And, especially when it’s all about desserts then the variety of tasty cookies win the game!

Yes, they might not be the fanciest type of sweets available on the planet but a mouthwatering cookie can easily take any type of dessert to just another level. Those humble cookies certainly have the power to let people feel an awesome level of comfort and delight.

However, just imagine, what can be better than a delicious cookie with a cold glass of milk during the mid-afternoon doldrums? Nothing!! Right?

Well, would you like to get an idea about the tastiest types available? Then let’s take an in-depth glimpse of the most appetizing cookies that will surely let you crave for taking a bite soon!!

Have a look!!

1. Sea salt chocolate chip cookie

Sea salt chocolate chip cookie

Don’t take it as a mistake if I say that these cookies are too large!! Yes! That’s not an exaggeration at all! Those oversized cookies delved in chocolate and studded with bits of caramel and furnished with flaky sea salt really taste heaven!!

Moreover, thanks to the facts that these cookies are kept overnight in the freezer and baked in a convection oven both, these cookies have a perfect ratio of crispiness and chewiness.

And, yeah! Of course, such cookies might be sized to share but you would certainly love to finish one all by yourself.

2. Double chocolate cookie

Double chocolate cookie

All the chocolate lovers out there, Rejoice! The double chocolate cookies are something that can let you feel the taste of dark chocolate like never before. These cookies are actually made up of a crispy and crackly meringue-like shell with a creamy center. So, there is no doubt that you will simply love eating it!!

Wondering whether you need to spend more? Well, not at all!! You can buy such yummy cookies at an affordable rate from Cheryl’s Cookies.

3. Chocolate chip rye cookie

Chocolate chip rye cookie

Yes, this cookie from the pastry chef Karen Hatfield is something that will let you lick your fingers once you taste a single piece! These cookies are not too sweet but it has an awesome amalgamation of chewy interior and crunchy exterior.

Three of these tasty cookies would certainly make for an indulgent brunch if you are not in the mood to eat some boiled eggs.

4. Compost Cookie

Compost Cookie

The pastry darling from Downtown who is no one but Christina Tosi brought this tasty cookie for the first time and there is no doubt now why the whole America is just simply fond of the same. It is one of the most liked cookies in the USA and has a perfect combination of chocolate and cream.

Wondering where to buy such mouth watering cookies? Then, you can just hop into Harry & David at any point of time and grab some while spending just a few bucks!

5. Ranger Cookie

Ranger Cookie

This Sweet and delicious cookie is just one of the most favorite sweet things to eat for the people living in Chicago! So, all the sweet-toothed ones over there, grab a packet soon!!

This cookie is all about the texture. Oh, yeah! The way it will melt in your mouth will certainly let you buzz up with the ‘Ummmm!!!’

These cookies are huge and appealingly lumpy in nature! You would just love tasting it and I can simply assure you on that! This cookie is filled with huge amount of walnuts, chocolate chips and rice Krispies which make it too luscious!!

6. Coconut Macaroons

Coconut Macaroons

Yes, these cookies are something that are worth tasting for all the sweet-toothed people!! The fact that makes it a unique one is nothing but a tasty combination of sweetness and saltiness. Yes! The splendid salty tart is just fantastic!

The reason behind such an appetizing taste of such cookies is that they use those real vanilla beans to make such cookies. Also, the tapioca syrup is used for making such cookies. And, that’s what make these cookies just superbly tempting!!

Also, coconut macaroons are completely gluten-free, it can be considered in an 18th birthday party theme ideas.

7. Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Well, obviously, there are no bells, whistles or any fancy ingredient incorporated within the chocolate chip cookies but these are yet sweet, simple and delicious! This cookie is just a perfect version of food with crispy edges, soft and buttery middle with a finger-licking scattering of dark chocolate chips to ensure that there is an ideal chip-to-batter ratio present within it.

So, what are you waiting for? Just grab any one of the aforementioned tempting cookies to have with a cup of tea or milk tomorrow afternoon. And, I am sure you will certainly delve into the palatable world of chocolate, cream, butter and what not like never before!

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