15 Scary Halloween Makeup Ideas to Stand Out in the Halloween Party


Halloween Costumes and makeup both go hand in hand when it comes to that Spooky time of the year. Halloween is considered to be one of the artistic and superstitious festival which is being celebrated in a number of countries with utmost thrill.

In this festival, people love dressing up by putting on dramatic costumes with perfect Halloween makeup. This Halloween make everyone shiever at your first glimpse. If you are a fan of experimenting with different styles of costumes, you have certainly arrived at the right place.

Here, you can discover unique Halloween makeup Ideas to get the inspired from. These makeup looks will give you and anyone who notices you the right feeling of horror.

Take a look if you dare.

1. Ice Queen

Frighten someone who looks at you with this Ice Queen look. You don’t have to wait for the winter when you can channel it yourself for this Halloween. Ice Queen makeup look will give you a perfect cast and it will certainly create a lasting and scary impact on anyone who notices you.

2. Doll Makeup

Halloween Doll is one of the scariest exemplars of makeup. Transform your face into a creepy one this Halloween. Adding pigtails and dead eyes stare would be a smart idea. You can create this Halloween look in different forms which is very easy to do. Thus, this Halloween be a creepy doll or a cute one.

3. Scary Witch

This is inspired by a goddess named Hecate of witchcraft and ghosts. This Scary witch will definitely daunt the whole Halloween party. Scary Witch Halloween makeup features white eyes with blood oozing from nose, eyes, and head. You can definitely be one attraction of the party while carrying this look.

4. Weeping nun

Weeping nun

Why not give the latest movie character a try? A creepy nun will certainly create a chill at the Halloween party. It’s an easy Halloween Makeup look which can be created by adding white powder and a leaking black liner on the eyes. Thus, it gives your face a spooky look.

5. Mouth-less demon

“Silence can be Deadly” is proven with a Mouth-less demon mask. It is a scary Halloween makeup idea that will terrify other people at the party. It is a type of makeup look that speaks for itself by conveying the message itself to the people. You don’t have to open your mouth for that.

6. Voodoo Doll

For a Unique Halloween Makeup Idea, a Voodoo doll is one of the bests. It is inspired from a cute doll which turns into a creepy one that can be used for all the bad deeds. This Voodoo doll makeup is created by classic stitches on your face.

7. Terrifying Horned Demon

For anyone who is looking for a scary Halloween Makeup, this is one of the best ideas. Create a look featuring white eyes, blood oozing from the face and horns on your head. Horned Demon will unquestionably look like a walking nightmare from the movie. Thus, go for this makeup look for your Halloween party and make it all excited!

8. Old vampire

Vampires are something that everyone like but instead of creating the same vampire look try this old one. This ancient vampire will give creeps to anyone who looks at it. The wrinkly old vampire looks dead frightening. The old vampire can never go wrong as it will definitely slither everyone out.

9. Killer clown

American Horror story has definitely inspired many people. If you are one of them, you can get ready for Halloween with a Killer Clown. This is the best Halloween makeup Idea for man. Let your face transform into a Killer Clown look this Halloween.

10. Ripped Flesh Wound

If you want to freak out people seeing your fake wound, try this Ripped Flesh Wound Halloween Makeup. It is not only creepy but also it is easy to make. Some of the products might be easily available at your home. With the right supplies, you can make a fake wound at your home quickly. Try the ripped flesh wound on your face to scare your friends at a Halloween party.

11. Rotting Zombie

Making a Zombie is the same dull Halloween Makeup.

Why not spice it up a little with a bit of a spooky look?

This Halloween create a Rotting Zombie look to scare your friends. Rotting Zombie is the same one as the wounded makeup look, thus try this unique one.

12. Mermaid

Being a mermaid is something any girl would love to become at any Halloween party. You can easily do its makeup. Simply, add some Glitter on your face and eyes. It will definitely create a Mermaid face and for costume, you can go for something that has a fishtail.

13. Unzipped Face

It is a nerve-racking and Creepy makeup. This is something that will scare and impress your friends both at the same time. It is an unzipped face. For creating this look you simply need a zipper. With this creepy makeup, you can also create different types of makeup like a slit throat, bloody eye, implied eyes and much more.

14. Creepy Monster

Creepy Monster is spooky and ghostly. This creature will scare everyone at the party. This one can be created with a little bit of creativity by making fake teeth and with makeup around the eyes.

15. Scary red riding hood

Make a scary red riding hood with a clawed wolf face. Creating a creepy hood is positively a unique idea. Use more blood and flesh on the eyes to make a more scary look.

Go for any one of these interesting makeup ideas for Halloween 2018. It will certainly let you get the goosebumps. There are certainly many possibilities to look appalling on this Halloween.

Why don’t you opt for the most adrenaline rushing one?

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