12 Untapped Ways to Save for Your Dream Summer Vacation


The summer is here and it is a sin if you don’t plan a vacation. Whether to go for a solo trip or a family trip is on you, but the important thing is to go. Those beautiful seashores and romantic sunny mornings will make your vacation more radiant, lovely and memorable. Summer is the best season to rejuvenate yourself from hectic schedules and professional commitments.

Americans love travelling and according to a research, in 2016, Americans spent 836.6 billion U.S. dollars on domestic travel.

However, according to a research, 55% of Americans forfeited an estimated 222 million vacation days doing nothing. Furthermore, as per the research by Allianz Travel Insurance, 36% of Americans decided to not go for vacation altogether. Do Americans love their bosses? An assumption we don’t want to believe. There are some other issues and one of the most annoying reasons is budget constraints.

According to 2017 LearnVest Money Habits and Confessions Survey, 74% of the people told to the reporters that they are gone into debts to pay for a vacation. It is a good thing that people are considering for summer vacations, but it is not cool to go into debts for that. The good news is, you don’t have to be the one.

However, it does not mean you just cancel your summer vacation. There are many ways you can make a budget-friendly trip that will not make your pockets empty. Here, we have given some tips that might help you to plan a perfect, budget-friendly and memorable summer trip:

Pre-Trip Saving Tips:

1. Plan In Advance:

If you are done with the destination selection, we would advise you to plan in advance. Don’t wait for anyone and I repeat, for anyone. The more advanced you plan the trip, more money you will save.

According to travel agents, it is wise to book for hotels and flights before 45 days of the trip to get maximum discounts. Search for some best online websites that can offer you some good deals and discount coupons to encash on ticket booking.

2. Consider Online Vacation Shopping

If you have made your mind to shop for the vacation, do it smartly. Don’t just visit your favorite market and start buying. Instead, go online. Grab those discount coupons and deals available at your favorite stores.

Online Vacation Shopping

First, you will save up a great amount of money and second, online shopping is comfortable and saves a lot of time and energy. Visit CouponsMonk to grab such lucrative discount offers for US stores.

3. Plan The Trip In Off Summer Season:

In the summer too, there is offseason and during those days, you can find some amazing and budget-friendly deals and discounts on hotels and airfare. During this offseason, you will also find costs of different activities low compared to the heyday.

In addition to that, you will surely enjoy the trip as you will find less traffic on your favorite seashore or a destination you are visiting. It serves the core purpose, isn’t it?

4. Be Smart While Choosing a Hotel

There are good hotels and there are bad hotels. Believe me, accommodation will decide the success of your trip. There is nothing as annoying as ending up in a bad hotel with no or fewer amenities. It will kill the charm of the trip and you will curse yourself.

Ensure that the hotel has all the basic amenities and facilities that you are looking for. If you are having any personal prerequisites, discuss with the hotel management. You can even get some attractive deals and discounts by online hotel booking.

5. Choose Unexplored, Unpopular but Riveting Destinations

Unpopular destination means fewer travelers and fewer travelers means fewer costs. If you want to end up saving a lot of money, try some unexplored and unpopular travel destinations and you are good to go.

Less popular picnic spots

Not only you will find hotels and flights at very fewer costs, you can actually shop there without worrying about your pocket. A deal not to miss, don’t you think?

6. Make a Travel Budget And Stick To It

One of the most gruesome mistakes that most of the travelers make is that they don’t make a travel budget. Furthermore, if they make one, they don’t stick to it. Both are not acceptable especially when you are low on budget.

A travel budget will help you to avoid unnecessary spendings on certain things and activities. Make a list of things you want to do on the vacation and stick to it to avoid certain hassles during the trip.

In addition to that, a well-planned travel budget will give you an estimated cost of the whole vacation and help you to make your plans accordingly.

7. Book Activities In Advance Too

Vacation Trip Activities

If you are planning to do some activities on the vacation like bike riding, rowing, adventure activities and many more, ensure to book for these things in advance to save some amount on tickets. In a similar manner, if you want to attend some popular music shows, movies or theatre plays, book online in advance and save some money.

8. Stop Spending On Your Hobbies For a While

When you have decided to go on a vacation, stop spending money on things you usually do on normal days. Cut on your alcohol consumption might help you to save some money. If you are fond of buying books, stop it for some time. These little things will help you to save some money for your trip.

Tips While You Are At The Destination

So far you have made great sacrifices to not to spend money on unnecessary things. It is really appreciable. However, you might make some mistakes while you are on the trip too.

In fact, some people actually get out of control when they reach the destination and start spending unnecessarily and sometimes, unknowingly. You should be careful enough to not make such mistakes.

Here is a list of money-saving tips when you are actually on a vacation. Stay with me to know more:

9. Be Careful While Traveling Local

don’t just come out from the hotel and walk to a list of cabs waiting outside the hotel. Instead of it, have an Uber app on your mobile and hire Uber cabs only to avoid paying more. If there is cheap government transportation available, use it to save a great deal of money.

Secure local travel

Also, you can hire sharing service for traveling and it will help you to save money. You can also hire motorcycle through Bookmotorcycletours.com to enjoy the open air and driving. A bonus benefit is that you might meet some interesting local people while sharing taxies.

10. Institute a Waiting Period

Impulse buying should be avoided on budget trips. If you can’t resist, don’t buy instantly and wait for a day or two. You will find that you really don’t find a need to buy those items you wanted yesterday. Ask yourself to wait for a day before you buy from the shops.

11. It Is Not a Shopping Time

Excessive and unnecessary shopping is one of the biggest mistakes people make while traveling. Don’t fall in those promotional neon signs and luxurious shopping malls. Remember, you are on a vacation for a new and sparkling experience and not for shopping. You can keep murmuring the line- “It is not a shopping time”- few times a day to remind yourself.

12. Stay Away From Hotel Minibar

Travelers have a tendency to open minibars as soon as they enter the hotel room. If you are actually going out of budget by just opening the minibar. don’t do that. If you want some beverages, go out and have it. Generally, minibars are costly and they charge way more than the original prices. It is not cool to pay more for a hotel. Avoid minibars like they don’t exist.


If you have come so far, it means you are ready to plan for the summer vacation. There is nothing as exciting as having a vacation from your busy schedules. Remember these tips and plan accordingly.

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