4 Most Favorite Santa Characters of Kids

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When it’s about Christmas then Santa certainly comes to your mind. Right? And, for your kids, the scenario becomes even more excited!! Some of the prominent statistics show that Santa has been always an adorable character for children. They expect that the red, old man would come in his sleigh and fill their stockings with a lot of gifts on the 25th of December.

Moreover, various fancy dress competitions which happen during the Christmas days for kids excite them immensely to get into the character of Santa. Your little monster too want to participate in his school’s Christmas special event?

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However, thanks to the talented Hollywood actors like Jonathan Taylor Thomas, Paul Giamatti et al., the Father of Christmas came up as a real human being in front of the children over the past years.

Here’s a list of the four most adorable Santa Claus characters which have been played by some of the most amazing actors in Hollywood. And, nevertheless, kids really loved those adorable Santas!!

So, let me start with the rundown.

Here I go!

1. Paul Giamatti:

Movie: Fred Claus

Fred Clause

Giamatti played the role of Saint Nick in the movie called Fred Claus which is an excellent fantasy comedy that is completely focused on the relationship of Santa with his resentful brother who is older than him. In this movie, there is a superb picturization of these famous fictional characters in a meaningful and unique way. The kids really adored this movie.

2. Billy Bob Thornton:

Movie: Bad Santa

bad santa

In this comedy film which got released in 2003, Thornton has been seen in the role of a conman who gets himself dressed up in the dress of Santa Claus. In this film, he, along with his dwarf sidekick and elf helper tend to go to the departmental stores on each holiday season for robbing at the mall when the Christmas Eve hits and there is no shopper left there. This unique character has been really liked by the children as they enjoyed a high-level excitement in the movie.

But, haven’t your child seen this awesome movie yet? Then, buy the DVDs soon! However, it is quite possible that your baby would certainly want to get dressed up as Santa after watching this movie, thanks to the adorable Santa-look that Thornton has in this movie!

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3. Richard Attenborough:

Movie: Miracle on 34th Street

Miracle on 34th Street

It is a wonderful remake of one of the finest holiday classics which was originally released in 1947. When the remake finally came up on 1994 as Miracle on 34th Street then the kids were amazed with the main role of a man who was named as Kris Kringle and the person who played this role was none other than Attenborough. Also, the film was kids-centric and Kringle was having an insistence in the film that he’s the real Santa Claus while helping out a 6-year old girl to believe in the spirit of Christmas. Thus, it became an instant favorite of the kids.

4. Mickey Rooney:

Movie: ‘Santa Claus Is Comin’ to Town


This is one of the incredible stop-motion animated TV specials! The children loved how a mailman (the role which was voiced by Fred Astaire) answered the letters which were sent by the kids like them to Santa Claus (Mickey Rooney). Also, the origin story of Kris Kringle and how he became the legend of Sombertown was much liked by the kids in this film.

Well, these Santa characters are really adorable! So, if you haven’t watched any of these films with your kid yet then make a move soon. Don’t forget to make this Christmas more special for your sweetheart while letting him or her enjoy these films!

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