6 Gripping Books that You Cannot Miss to Read in 2018


Are you an avid reader? Does good books fascinate you completely? Books are our best friends as they take us to a totally new world of imagination and fantasy and open new horizons of ideas and thoughts.

As William Nicholson has rightly said: “We read to know we’re not alone”, books can make our lives more meaningful and better and play a role of an intelligent friend.

Here is a list of books that are yet to publish or just published in 2018, but have created enough buzz and excitement among readers in the USA by authors who can be termed best as Wordsmiths who have magical wand in their hands.

1. Neon in Daylight by Hermione Hoby

Kate, a young woman who just arrived from England to New York staying in Manhattan apartment and is trying to settle his future here. However, the city introduces her two strangers, a daughter and father and she becomes fond of them in no time.

Captivating characters, superior storyline and a perfect landscape made of some enchanting human values like solitude, joy and desire and hope.

It is a debut novel of Hermione Hoby that has everything a novel should have. The book is available online and you can also get some discount coupons from CouponsMonk.com and save some money.

2. Oliver Loving By Stefan Merril Block

In West Texas, Oliver Loving, 17 years old student survives a gun attack that has killed a teacher and four students. For a decade, Oliver stays paralyzed and the whole family tears apart including his father, mother, brother and his crush.

After years, Oliver comes out of comma and describes his version of that cruel night and unfolds secrets that were kept hidden.

Block cleverly explores how one fatal incident can scatter the whole family apart in this beautiful and engaging novel. It is an emotionally charged novel with gripping storyline and strong characters.

A pure form of art!

3. This Will Be My Undoing

If you think that racism and gender inequality is no more present in USA, you should read this book, a personal memoir of a promising writer- Morgan Jerkins. In the book, Morgan cleverly covers different issues like feminism, racism, pop culture, history of blacks misogyny and others. It is one of the highly anticipated books that is written by an author who is just in his 20s.

A set of personal experiences with cultural observations, a novel slowly and grippingly explores black women oppression and marginalization in USA. if you are a black, you should read it. If you are a white, you must read this book.

4. Freshwater by Akwaeke Emezi

You may find this novel as a personal autobiography of a patient with a multiple personality disorder, but as you finish it, you will be a totally overwhelming new person who has just finished one of the best stories of the times.

Freshwater is a story of Ada, a Nigerian girl with her own selves present in her body and influence her to a great margin. These inner selves have their own voices and throughout her life, Ada finds herself sandwiched between a real her and her selves.

It is a novel that will touch your heart instantly and take you to an altogether different world. By the way, it is the debut novel of the writer that has hit a goal in the first effort.

5. An American Marriage by Tayari Jones

Wrongful imprisonment and long incarcerations is not something new as every year, thousands of Americans become victims of it. An American Marriage is not a story of a wrongfully convicted person, but in contrast, about his wife whose life changes drastically when her husband is fallaciously imprisoned.

Tayari Jones meekly and cleverly depicts the life of Celestial whose husband Roy is sentenced to twelve years. Totally unmoored, she is taken care of her childhood friend Andre. However, after 5 years, Roy comes back to resume their life again and what is awaiting for him?

Tayari Jones hits the chords rightly with a perfect storyline, meaningful conversations and master storytelling. A must read!

6. Macbeth by Jo Nesbo

Yes, you read it right, it is another version of Shakespeare’s legendary saga- Macbeth, but with a totally different landscape. It has all the original characters of Shakespeare’s original Macbeth, but in uniform and Macbeth is a cop thriller.

Though it is a take on the old drama, one thing that you can expect from all Shakespeare based adaptations is here- exceptional and gripping storytelling. Though it cannot be considered as a pure literature, if you are looking fora perfect blockbuster and entertaining book, Macbeth by Jo Nesbo will not disappoint you.

Wrapping Up

What are you waiting for? Find these books and order them online. Remember, you can end up saving some money while buying these books. Visit CouponsMonk.com and you can get some best deals for shopping.

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