Halloween!! 14 Spooky Yet Easy Ideas for Last Minute Supermom Costumes


Happy almost-Halloween! To all the Supermoms, have you planned your costume? Probably, NO!! Then, it is a high time that you plan and design for an easy to make and wear costumes that will make everyone will go “OOH” and “AAH” over.

So while you are looking for some of the quickly and cleverly last minute Halloween costume ideas for yourself. There are a lot of great ideas here and that requires very fewer time as well as lesser efforts and resources to get that eerie feeling of Halloween.

When you are looking for some inspiration, then you have come to the right place. Thanks to all the useful and great ideas for your needs.

Have a read!

1. Jack & Jill After They Fell Down the Hill

For this costume, you will need some essential items viz. Bucket, Head Bandage, Body Paint (for grass and blood marks), and a lady who would be Jack for you! You can be spooky enough with this costume with bloody marks all over.

2. Kitty Cat

What you need for this kind of costumes is just a black outfit, one pair of ears, a tail, a makeup pencil so that you are able to draw the whiskers. And you are done!! Super Easy, you may think. There are many stores in the USA viz. Spirit Halloween that would provide you with such costumes like a black outfit that you need.

It is and not always as well. If you have creativity sense, then it may look easy for you. But what if you know that you don’t have a good sense of inventiveness? Have a thought!!

3. Wacky Witch

wicky witch

For this kind of costume, all you need is a striped and witched hat along with a funny wig as well. You can carry a cute Halloween dessert and a large bowl of treats that will give you that witchy feeling.

And there you go! You are on the best-dressed list.

4. Chic Pumpkin

Voila!! If you wear a green or a brown cap with an orange colored top and tights or pants, whatsoever you like, get ‘em!! To get a real feel, add some construction papers for the cutouts of pumpkin. This would be an added touch for the Jack O’ Lantern!

With this costume, you will resemble the real Halloween themed costume. So have a Pumpkin, Pumpkin all over feeling for yourself!!

5. Autumn

When you put together a fall color palette (you can think of the rusty or cozy or maybe that “yucky” orange-brown) with the fake autumn leaves, you are done!! Wondering how? Well, this is the theme for the Pumpkin Spice Latter Prop.

Have any other ideas or color combination in mind? Then you are free to comment below.

6. Red Devil

red devil

For being a real Red Devil, make a pair of horns at home or buy for your needs. Also, make sure that you rush to any makeup shop for getting some creative and unique makeup to get that real feel of Halloween.

You just need to buy or make a pair of horns for this one and go to town with some creative makeup. Find a red or black dress, and you’re all set. (A pitchfork is nice for effect — you’re a devil, after all — but you can get away with skipping it!)

7. ‘Day of the Dead’ Skeleton

This requires some X-Factor for painting your face. But there are thousands and tons of “Day of the Dead” themes and painting ideas available for the makeup to be done. And with the makeup tutorials online you can make up that extra personal touch to your look.

You can pair your spooktacular face with any of the dress and furthermore, add a big flower to your hair as well.

8. Try a Printable Mask

printable mask

If you are a fan of Pinterest ideas, then you will get some amazing printable masks for yourself as a supermom, like a witch or a fairy with some deadly looks. So research and find one that is your favorite theme and start planning a pre-Halloween craft project for yourself.

9. Wig Out

If you are wearing wigs for just fun, then it is going to help nowhere. But if you are wearing one and that too according to the Halloween theme, then probably it would look really good.

If you look around on the Web or in the stores like Spirit Halloween, then you would be able to pick up some of the best Katy Perry or Jessica Red wig to try out. This would take out your inner diva and sensation as well.

10. What’s New Pussycat?

This is probably the best outfit that you can design and wear for the Halloween event. You need to draw some whiskers or a three-piece costume as that of the Black Cat. Any feline would approve of the outfit that you would be wearing.

11. Victorian Vampire

Victorian Vampire

Do you know or remember how vampires looked like before the release of the Stephenie Meyer Series, “Twilight”? The Victorian Vampire styled dress is fun along with being spooky.

12. Gangster

Thought of working as a dreaded Gangster at any point in time? If yes, then the makeup of Gangster would suit you the best. Just you need to pretend the dread factor.

13. DIY Pinata Costumes

It would take a lot of crepe papers and one leotard so that you would look funny yet creative for the event of Halloween.

14. Foxy lady

The quick last minute idea would be to paint the fox ears with a furry vest on your body. So there you have it. Now you are eligible to be called a fox.

So what is your Halloween costume plan for this season? Have a thought over the same!!!

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