12 Easter Craft Ideas To Make This Easter Time More Happier

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Easter is almost here and it is a perfect time to have fun with your loved ones. Easter is waited by kids more than anyone else and the reasons are obvious. They love to roam around with Easter crafts made by themselves and show to people they meet. Furthermore, it is a time for them to collect gifts and chocolates that the Easter bunny left.

Recall those days where you were a kid and you had made some splendid memories with your friends and family. It is your child’s time and you should help them make some DIY Easter crafts that they can make. Apart from having fun, the craft making exercise will also hone their creative side. See, it has all the advantages.

It is a splendid view to see you helping your toddlers in making decorative bunnies and egg crafts. Tell me, what you have in mind this year? What have you thought to make with your kids?

When it comes to Easter crafts, there are thousands of ideas to explore and all are good and superior. Let your kids help themselves while making some creative and unique Easter crafts. You will have some magnificent time with them as well!

Here is a list of Easter craft ideas worth implementing for!

Toilet Roll Chicks:

DIY Toilet Roll Chicks

If you have toilet rolls at your home, it is a time to handover them to your kid and sees how they decorate them. They will surely love painting and be decorating these toilet roll chicks in an impromptu way. Even you can suggest them some ideas to make something unique and attractive.

Tissue Paper Easter Wreath:

DIY Tissue Paper Easter Wreath

Tissue papers are handy and you don’t have to spend a single extra penny for them. Let your kids make and decorate it as they like. These Easter Wreaths will be loved by everyone.

Toilet Roll Peeps:

Tissue Paper Easter Wreath

Peeps are funny and worth making! Every year, you will find those Marshmallow Peeps on streets and it is a time your kids paint and decorate them with their favorite hues. Ensure that they look like Easter Peeps.

Paper Bag Nests:

Paper Bag Nests

Paper bag nests are awesome in look and serve the core purpose of small storage space. Let your youngster make some of the best-looking paper bag nests.

Foil and Tissue Eggs:

Foil  Tissue Eggs

Eggs of any sizes and shapes are good when the Easter is around, doesn’t it? How about some egg ornaments made with a foil and tissue paper technique.

Easter Finger Puppets:

Easter Finger Puppets

Kids love puppets and ones that are made from their own tiny hands will have a special place in their hearts. These puppets are easy to make and will look adorable and superior in look.

Easter Egg Table Toppers:

Easter Egg Table Toppers

Easter table decorations cannot be missed and if we talk about kids, they will love painting such Easter egg table toppers. Such a scene to see the painting!

Stained Glass Easter Eggs:

Stained Glass Easter Eggs

It is a bit difficult for kids to make. Who are you for? Let them help in making such superiorly attractive stained-glass window decoration with craft scraps and papers.

Toilet Roll Bunnies:

Toilet Roll Bunnies

For kids, there is nothing as amusing as making those little bunnies by painting and decorating cardboard tubes and craft sticks. They look so cute and lovely that you will give a permanent place in your home.

Easter Napkin Rings:

Easter Napkin Rings

How about making something for an Easter dining table? These napkin rings are the perfect addition to the table. Papers are painted creatively and it will be fun to see how they end up completing them.

Easter Hate:

Easter Hate

If you don’t have enough time to make your own hat, you can always decorate and paint one. For any parade, these Easter hats will serve the core purpose and the best thing is- you can paint and decorate them in any manner you want. Your kid will surely grab the attention of all.

Easter Green Hate:

Easter Green Hate

If you love the environment, you can come up with some environment-friendly stuff too. An Easter green hate falls into this category. However, it takes much time while preparing it, the end product will lure your heart for sure. If single, then craft something alike creative gift for your boyfriend, you will get a free compliment.


Easter celebrations cannot be missed! It is your responsibility that your kids come up with interesting and funny Easter eggs and bunnies and all you need to do is to assist them out while they make them. You can use different discount coupons and deals while buying clothes and other items for Easter.

The festival is all about the victory of good over the evil and you should tell the real Easter tale to your kids to make them understand the significance of the festival. What else? Happy Easter! Spread love, joy, and happiness around you and receive the same!

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