How to Create an Exclusive Wedding Budget Checklist


Like any other things you do in your personal or professional life, you need to plan for your wedding too. Unplanned weddings might go beyond your budget and it is not a good thing. It might jeopardize your overall financial conditions. Why don’t you create a wedding budget checklist and assign a special budget to each category? It will make things more clear and real. You will get to know where to spend more and where to limit yourself.

A careful wedding planning with a wedding checklist will prevent you to spend more on any special things. Here, we did an average wedding cost breakdown for different categories exclusively you.


Before we proceed, please note that the percentages mentioned for each category are solely based on industry averages and you can change as per your preferences and requirements.

Wedding attire:

Total spending: 7% of the total budget

It is not just about the dress you are going to wear on your wedding day or ceremony. It has a long list including engagement party dress with shoes and accessories, bridal shower outfit, bachelor party outfit, wedding dress alterations, bridal jewelry, post-wedding brunch outfit and many more. The average cost of a wedding dress should be between $1000 to $1500.

Obviously, you would not be able to afford so many dresses. However, you can be smart here. You can borrow dresses from your friend or you can hire a rental attire agency offering such dresses at affordable prices. Don’t worry, no one is going to know this secret.


Total spending: 2% of the total budget

Don’t you want to look astonishingly beautiful and appealing on your wedding day? It is a category where you want to spend as much as possible, isn’t it? All you need to do is to make a list of things and stick to it, no matter what happens. Here, there are chances that you go out of the budget.

Some of the things that fall in this category are pre-wedding haircuts or colors, beauty treatments such as facials, manicure, waxing, spray tanning, wedding day hairstyle, makeup for the wedding day and lash extensions.

If your hair looks good and natural, you can skip haircut or pre-wedding coloring. It might save you some money.


Total spending: 2% of the total budget

Cakes have become an integral part of the weddings. You need to ensure that you don’t go for extra large cakes to just show off how much you can spend. It is the mistake all the couples make. You can avoid it.

This category has cake displaying, cake cutting, sheet cake, decorative accessories, cake topper, cake stand, delivery charges and additional desserts.

Go for a two-tier cake for display and have a sheet cake sitting behind the scene.


Total spending: 2% of the total budget

You need to ensure that you use not more than 2% of the total budget for the ceremony. It might include ceremony site, marriage license fees, church donation, officiant fee and other ceremony accessories.


Total spending:10% of the total budget

It is important as every guest will love to drink on the occasion of your wedding. What are the things that might include in this category? Some of them are reception drinks, cocktail hour drinks, open bar, mixers, beverages such as coffee and tea, bar signage, non-alcoholic drinks, corkage fees, and liquor license.Wedding budgets examples depict that people go for an extra mile when it comes to drinks budget. You should stick to the plan. Don’t spend much on it.

Favors And Gifts:

Total spending: 2% of the total budget

There are many types of gifts and favors you might have to arrange. Some of them are wedding favors, wedding party gifts, gifts for parents, welcome baskets, a gift for spouse and gifts for the flower girl and ring bearer.

Flowers and Decorations:

Total spending: 8% of the total budget

It is important if you want to make your wedding an exclusive and memorable event. There is a wide range of flowers and decoration options available for you to choose from. Make the most of it.

It might include bouquets, Boutonnières, Corsages, flowers for a ring bearer, reception centerpieces, wedding signage, some special wedding decoration rentals such as lanterns and candelabras.


Total spending: 18% of the total budget

Now comes the most awaited category that everyone is interested in. You need to ensure that you don’t make any compromises on it as people love delicious food. The list includes a plated or buffet meal, staff, equipment, and rentals for catering, vendor meals, and bar service.


Total spending: 10% of the total budget

Good music also adds charm and value to the wedding. You don’t need to make any savings here. Ensure that your guests are served with soulful music. Here, you will need to arrange ceremony musicians, cocktail hour music, live band, microphone, and music system.

Wedding Photography/ Videography

Total spending: 10% of the total budget

The social media platforms are waiting for you to upload photos/ videos there. It is a new trend and you cannot ignore it. Your social circle would love to see them. They will bless and wish you online.

It includes engagement day coverage, wedding day coverage, albums, raw footage, feature film, and prints.

Reception Venue:

Total spending: 20% of the total budget

What might that include? It might have room rental fees, dance floor rentals, venue deposit and fees, parking fees, other rentals, and security.

Wedding Ring:

Total spending: 4% of the total budget

Everyone will notice what you are wearing in your fingers. It might include wedding bands, resizing fees and insurance.

Emergency Fund:

Total spending: 5% of the total budget

You don’t know what comes around on your wedding day. There are different charges and fees you might have to pay on your wedding day including service taxes, sales taxes, vendor tips and overtime fees. Keep a separate fund for it to avoid any hindrances and hurdles on your wedding day.

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