5 Coffee Shop Marketing Strategies that Cost Less than $100 a Month

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Well, who doesn’t like to drink coffee? And, the actuality that the astounding TV ads about the same are always rousing enough is even true! Those amazing ads which are mostly just 30 seconds long often prove to be just extremely enthralling for coffee lovers. And, thus let the company owners earn a huge profit.

But, such high-end advertisements with stunning sparks are not the only way to do a great and effective marketing in the world of coffee. There are many more exciting, proven approaches which don’t even cost $ 100 but online loans still caused a great promotion of some of the tastiest coffee brands.

Moreover, there was a combined survey conducted by Barista Magazine and Handground before few years. And, the result that they have got shows that most of the coffee shop owners don’t even spend $ 100 for the proper marketing of their products.

Want to know about the actuality in their words itself? Then, just take a glance over the following screenshots:

Handground Stats

So, if you are a businessman who deals with coffee then to know “How was those coffee sellers able to make such a frugal move”, would be quite interesting for you. Right?

Well, here is a list of five such amazing marketing strategies that you can opt for!

1. Go for Signage

Although there is a growing trend for sign-less front doors when it comes to commercial stores but there are still many stores out there which find such attempts critical. You can thus go for signage which can be much more than just hanging some letters above the front door.

A proper signage would help you to direct traffic to your coffee shop whether it’s on the Main streets or on the outskirts of town.

2. Attractive storefronts

Anything that is appealing grabs human attention! So, if you want to attract customers towards your store, and thus increase your sales, then you need to take each stride to make it look stunning.

So, looks still matter a lot. And even the following graph underpins the fact that a huge number of people prefer physical view and location more than other factors when it comes to paying a visit to any coffee shop!

coffee shop discovery

You can make your storefront quite appealing through various cost-effective ways. For example, if you would display some free samples to stop the foot traffic then it can be a great way to introduce people to your store and the products.

You can talk about your business with the local business owners to encourage great partnerships and thus increase your sales by leaps and bounds.

3. Go for grinding by hand

Have you heard of the hand-ground precision coffee grinder? Well, it is a great and economical option for you to grind the coffee beans. Rather, if you opt for electric burr grinders then it would cost you huge.

If you go for the hand grinding option then it can be one of perfect tools to attract the experienced coffee drinkers. It’s because they usually like to keep away their electric grinders for feeling the essence of manual brewing setup.

4. Offer free drinks to potential customers

There might be many of your customers who usually recommend their friends to you. Don’t you think that if you treat them once in a couple of months then it would be easy for you to get more recommendations from them? Well, I believe, it would prove to be certainly a great marketing stunt that won’t cost you huge.

Yes! If the companies from another genre like technology or food can offer free services then why can’t a coffee shop do the same?

5. Do a great social media marketing

Social media is something that can make anything quite famous instantly! And, you, being a coffee store owner, must understand this fact like any other business. You don’t have to even spend huge while advertising on social media networks like Facebook, YouTube, etc.

For example, you can just post your coffee shop video on any social media platform. And, accentuate the best customer-winning facts within the same like the best coffee quality, great customer service etc. Them, you would be certainly attaining a great popularity for sure!

Also, below is an accompanying graph that proves the high-end significance of social media when it’s about opting for the best and frugal marketing strategies for your coffee shop.

These ways can highly increase the level of your coffee shop’s sales. So, what are you waiting for? Just follow these strategic and thrilling tricks and you would be able to take the popularity of your coffee store to just another level!

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