Black Friday Shopping: What Happened in 2016 and What to Expect in 2017?


Again the biggest retail holiday of the year is around the corner!! So, now when there are just a few more weeks left for the same then you might be ready now with the shopping bags. Right?

In the US, this day has grown with immense buzz over the time and the concept of online shopping has simply made the episode of bargain shopping easier. Like the past years, the stores and brands are going to launch lucrative deals well ahead of the fantastic day. So, whether you are interested to shop from SAMSUNG or Gearbest.

Well, this year, some stores have already announced that they are going to release the offers in advance. For example, Amazon is offering some of their exciting deals from November 17 which is exactly 10 days before the official shopping bonanza starts!!

Now, before you hop into the stores to grab the bodacious deals, enlighten yourself with some authentic facts.

Read ahead!

How did Black Friday Start?


The word ‘Black Friday’ is not a new one! It originated in the early 1950s at Philadelphia to elaborate the concept of the pre-Christmas day of commercial of commercial carnage. And, recently, the famous store Asda which is owned by the biggest retailer in the USA i.e., Walmart has followed the suit in the year 2013.

How Was Grand 2016’s Black Friday?

Last year Black Friday was really massive!! Almost a new record was set with a huge amount of nearly $ 3.34 billion spent on online shopping. And, the figure tends to become $ 5.27 billion if you include the amount of shopping that was done on the Thanksgiving day.

As per the reports of National Retail Federation, the people who trekked to the brick and mortar stores on Black Friday of the previous year showed up after 10 am. Although people used to stand in the lines from the night before the shopping day in the past!!

And, when it comes to online shopping then the Black Friday 2016 created a retail history while surpassing almost 1.2 billion dollars in mobile revenue. Looks like people have found online shopping more convenient than the conventional mode.

Also, the millennial age range of the people who hopped into the stores was 56% and when it comes to online shopping then it was 62%! Moreover, it was even reported that eight out of the ten millennial in the USA have done the shopping during the weekends.

What Can You Expect from Black Friday 2017?

Expect from Black Friday

Well, it can’t be revealed clearly how is going to be the scenario of Black Friday 2017? It seems like the retailers are keeping the cards absolutely mysterious this year. But, we certainly tried our level best to bring on the current condition for you.

Like Amazon, the huge retailers like Ace Hardware, Kohls, etc. are expected to start their sale well ahead of the Black Friday. So, keep your eyes wide open from now on!

It is making total sense to go for the exiting coupons on the huge appliances like phones, laptops, TVs, fridges, washing machines etc. The discounts on such products would definitely let you save a lot of your bucks.

Also, you should keep in mind that Black Friday is not about purchasing gadgets and gizmos only. You can even bag the amazing gifts for upcoming Christmas like discounted toys, gaming consoles and many more. It is expected that the huge brands are going to offer about 40% off on such products.

Further, this year it is anticipated that the video games like Xbox, OneX, Nintendo Switch are going to be available at frugal rates. So, you can grab a couple of these for your little monsters.

While it’s quite unclear that whether there would be any deal available on Apple products. More likely, the chances are very less! So, if you have any plan to grab the iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus during this Black Friday then better luck next time.

But, the techies will be fortunate enough to get the astounding gadgets like Microsoft Surface Pro, the MacBook Pro etc.

And, the Story Doesn’t End Here!

Finally, here are some smart tips that would help you to end up buying exactly what you want on this Black Friday while saving huge bucks.

  • • Set a budget that is comfortable for you. Don’t get carried away while shopping.
  • • Do your research beforehand if you bear a particular purchase in your mind. And, look for the places where you can expect the best price for that.
  • • Choose your payment option cautiously. You can opt for paying with your credit card to get an extra layer of protection if things somehow go wrong. But, always make full payments!
  • • Get well-versed with the consumer rights before you make a purchase to avoid any kind of hassle afterward.

Winding Up

So, this Black Friday let the exhilarating deals add fuels to the flames and get ready to shop the most frugal way ever. And, with a hope that you would be able to shop like never before on the coming November 24 while not breaking your banks, let the blog get concluded. Wish you all the best for all your purchases.

Nevertheless, A very happy Black Friday to one and all!!

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