Rock the Cradle with 7 Baby Shower Gift Ideas

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If you want to gift the best baby shower gift ideas, then they have to be thoughtful, unexpected and safe. The last one is the most important because it is directly related to the soon would-be mother and the new-to-be-born child. You would want to want to gift a present that is both mom and child-friendly.

Additionally, the gift should stand out from the crowd. So when you are planning to present a baby shower gift, you might be searching here and there. Why not use the natural and accessible gift ideas here when it is available at the reach of your mouth…!!!

Have a look!!

1. Skin Care Products

Do you love blowing air on a child’s belly? Generally Yes..!! Unfortunately, this irresistible and mad behavior can sometimes be harmful to the recipient’s toddler. But thanks to all the skin care products that are readily available in the market.

The skincare solutions that are available in the market claim to be safe but you need to check the ingredients as well before you pass them. Anyone manufacturer can stick an “FDA Approved” or “Baby Safe” label on the products. But you need to check its efficiency and potential also.

Search for the three syllables ingredients and more. Also not to forget that you should not consider the alcohol-containing products. If you are not getting one, then you always have the access of the Walmart stores so that you don’t miss anything.

2. Sling Carriers

There are Consumer reports in October 2009 against the Infantino Sling Rider that cited two deaths. The design of these carriers was too sturdy. This design forces a normal baby into the C-section in the rider. The chin gets tucked with the chest, ultimately obstructs their airway leading to death.

Still, slings are a popular way that creates a strong bond between the parent and the child. If you are deciding to buy one for the baby shower gift, then you need to search for the design that the child’s face is visible all the times. The kid should be able to move easily yet securely, and his head should be close enough so that you are able to kiss him.

3. Crib Bumpers

The mesh crib bumpers come in different styles which are not only attractive but also provides with the breathable environment. For the extra safety of the child, make sure that there is no quilts or soft bumps in the bumpers. Instead, search for a thin yet firm bumper.

4. Baby Joggers

A safe baby jogger would help both the mother and the child to enjoy some outdoor time, losing those extra pounds at the same time. There are lot many of joggers in the market. But the infant should be at least six months old before they are ready to start running and jogging, not even walking.

While you are gifting the would-be mother a baby jogger, make sure that he does not get any sudden fall or crash. The baby jogger should also have a top covering so that the baby gets protected from the external elements. So get one from Babies R Us.

5. Baby Monitors

A baby monitor is responsible for a greater security and convenience of the child along with the peace of mind of the mom. So while you are concerned about the child’s safety and want to monitor your child’s actions, then the baby monitors are best to gift.

6. Car Safety Seats

This is not an original gift but truly falls under that of the security. The proper sizing and correct design would make all the difference in this world. The infants should always be allowed to face the rear, and the best seats like those having the 5-point harnesses would be helpful at the time of the side-impact crash. There are plenty of stores available like Buy Buy Baby where you can find of the best convertible car safety seats for gifting.

7. Auto Mirror

The infants should be allowed to travel in the backseat faced backward, but it’s difficult to monitor the safety and diaper load while the parent is driving. So the other gift idea at the time of Baby Shower is the Auto Mirror.

If a convex mirror is mounted on the back seat, it allows the parent to keep in touch with the baby while driving. Just make sure that the auto mirror that you are gifting has soft and cushioned edges and can be fastened securely to the back seat. Quickly grab one from Amazon so that you don’t spend a fortune while gifting.

Gather these ideas so that you are able to use them to the fullest. Have a rocking day..!!

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