Baby Shopping Guide: Top 7 Essentials for the First Twelve Months

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To shop for the little bundle of joy who is about to arrive very soon is one of the most perplexing tasks that every would-be mom has to do. Well, it’s obvious to feel so as she usually doesn’t have any prior idea what exactly her baby will need and what not! Moreover, this scenario comes up in a more crucial way if she is about to give birth to her first child.

However, are you one such woman or do you already have a newborn at your home? Then, I am sure the following write-up will help you understand what your baby will actually need during his or her first year of life.

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1. Diapers

You might have a habit of using cloth, a disposable or something which just lies in-between both the types (for example, a disposable lining and reusable cover). But, in all such scenarios, you should make sure about one thing and that is your baby will need at least 10-12 diapers per day!

So, plan accordingly and make sure that for the very first time you are buying small packs of different types. It’s because certain kinds might irritate your baby’s skin or won’t just fit your baby well.
Thus, you need to understand which one will let your darling feel comfortable and then continue to buy the same.

2. Cute little dresses

If you browse through the kid’s section of any commercial store or online shopping site then you can notice that baby clothing is all about size. But, the size even varies with brands. As for example, if you buy a body suit for 3 to 6 months old from one brand then it might simply snug on your 4 months old baby. And, the same size from another brand could look too big!

Cute Dress

So, try to opt for such clothes with a list of height and weight guidelines within the same. And, thus it will let you buy only such dresses for your baby which can be the best fit!

3. Feeding Bottle

Feeding bottle

Generally, newborns start with drinking 4 ounces of milk but of course, within few months you should buy bottle sizes of 8 ounces and more as your child will start drinking more milk. So, feeding bottle is among the essential things that you should buy for your baby in the first year. Also, make sure that you are buying cialis enough nipples as you will need as many nipples as the number of bottles.

4. Baby Gears

Well, to keep yourself available to do the rest of the work, you can’t keep your baby on your lap always. So, to buy a premium-quality baby carrier is the best idea. The baby carrier should be supportive enough with the straps and harnesses being quite strong.

Baby Gear

Also, a good-quality stroller is quite necessary to take your baby out for a walk. Moreover, a car seat is something that is mandatory. It’s because the safety regulations have changed over the years and you must ensure that you are purchasing the one that meets all these guidelines.

Moreover, you can even purchase such baby gears at an extremely affordable rate while availing a lucrative coupon from Mothercare!!

5. Breast milk bags

If you are a working mother then a proper breast milk bag is something which is quite significant. Of course, you won’t be available at home whenever your darling will be hungry.

So, if you have such bags then you can pump the required amount of milk for the day in such specialized bags and store the same before going at work every morning. Thus, a box full of such breast milk bags must be there in your baby’s room!!

6. Soaps and shampoos

There are many types of soaps and shampoos exclusively available for babies in the market nowadays. So, to give your baby a good bath every day, you need to buy such things obviously. Just make sure that the soaps and shampoos that you chose are incorporated with no-tears formulas. Thus, it will not irritate your baby’s eyes at all!!

kids shampoo

Wondering where will you get the best bathing products? Well, you can certainly browse through the website of Babies R US to buy the awesome ones in a frugal way.

And, moreover, if you want to avoid phthalates in your baby’s shampoos and soaps then never go for the ones which have ‘fragrance’ listed in the ingredients.

7. Safety equipment

When your child will start crawling and walking all around then his or her safety should become the important factor to take care for you. So, to keep your little monster away from any kind of accident, you should child proof the house.

For example, to put a safety gate in front of the stairs, covering all the open outlets with outlet covers, buying a couple of cupboard or drawer latches are some of the major strides that you can take. So, don’t forget to purchase safety equipment and appliances to keep your baby safe in the initial months and a year.

Are you clear now? So, make sure that the shopping list for your baby should include these extremely useful artifacts whenever you decide to create or upgrade your sweetheart’s cupboard!

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