9 DIY Home-Made Christmas Ornaments to Decorate your Tree

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You might have asked this once in your life that why people decorate the Christmas trees? Actually, there are various reasons for decorating Christmas trees. People around the world like to decorate Christmas trees every year and it has become a tradition now.

Long ago, people used to decorate winter trees outside their houses which had no leaves on it. They believed that as the leaves of the trees were falling off then it will let their spirits to go away. This is the reason why people started thinking that without the spirits the trees would finally die.

So, they started decorating those trees with ornaments which they believed would finally attract those spirits back.

However, nowadays, there are many decorating stuffs available for giving your Christmas tree an awesome look! But, do you want to try something different on this Christmas?

Then, make your own ornaments at home and let your Christmas tree spark!

Here are 9 DIY ideas to make your own Christmas tree decors.

Take a look!

1. The Natural Christmas Ornament

To start off, you can take a look into your backyard which might surprise you to decorate your Christmas tree with nature-inspired elements. You can try the bottle caps to create a unique ball ornament.

All you need to do is paint the styrofoam ball all brown and glue bottle caps over it. Then, stick glitter to the bottle caps which matches with the tree. At last top it off with a ribbon and a twine for hanging.

2. Citrus Accents

People nowadays are really looking for unique ideas to decorate the Christmas trees. For example, some are using fruits such as oranges or lemon for the ornaments.

Designer Tobi Fairley did the same thing, she took an orange and applied upholstery tracks in a complex pattern. Then she attached a leopard print ribbon loop and added an unexpected punch to the traditional looking Christmas tree.

3. Fancy Holiday Spirit

Fancy Holiday Spirit

You might think that this medallion looks sophisticated but is very easy to make. To create this look you need to cut strips of a book and fold them into an accordion-style. Then, attach three more pieces with it and glue everything together to create a circle.

Further, you can add a number to the ornament to indicate it as a part of an advent calendar. Now, you can hang this ornament on the Christmas tree and spread the holiday spirit.

4. Festive Cookie Cutters

Festive Cookie Cutters

You might think that cookie cutters are only used to cut cookies into shapes but it is much more than that! You could also use the cookie cutters as fancy Christmas ornaments. Moreover, it is even very simple to make. Just take cookie cutter and with the help of a glue stick a twine to it. That’s it, you’re done!

5. Christmas Tree Topper

Christmas Tree Topper

Did you know that you could turn the old musical notebook into a beautiful Christmas tree topper? All you need to do is to twist the sheets into a cone shaped structure and glue it to the back of cardboard circle. Then attach it on the top of the Christmas tree. You’re done!

6. Eccentric Christmas Bunting

Eccentric Christmas Bunting

Bunting is a new trend nowadays! People are creating a unique impression while using bunting on their Christmas trees.

You can even do so. All you need to do is to cut triangles out from a scrapbook of any design and punch two holes at the corner of the triangles. Now, add twine to the bunting while passing through each hole and finally creating a long chain. At last, hang it on the tree to make your Christmas tree look one of a kind!

7. A Spoonful of Creativity

A Spoonful of Creativity

Think twice before throwing away your unused household items such as spoons and forks. You can use these old items to decorate your Christmas tree for creating a rare look. Just hang the spoons and forks using jute and then attach them to the tree.

8. The Playful Ornament

This ornament is one-of-its-kind and even very simple to make also. You just need a deck of cards. Then, you need to glue the similar cards together and punch a hole on the top of it. Now, hang the cards with a small strip of ribbon and finally add game pieces to complete the game theme of your tree.

9. Pinecone Map Ornament

Designer Barb Steadman combined her two favorite things together i.e. vacations and ornaments. She had just cut pieces of the map in the form of leaves and then glued them to a styrofoam ball. Finally, what she did is nothing but just sticking a ribbon loop on the top of it and then hanged it on the Christmas tree.

This is the season of snowfall, its amazing to try some DIY snowglobes as one of the decoration ornaments.

So, you can even follow these simple steps and make your Christmas tree look amazing this year!

Covering Up

Well, if you want to make your Christmas tree look stunning and stand out from the crowd then you must try some of these DIY ornaments which are mentioned above. Also, these ornaments are very simple and easy to make so you can save your precious time as well as money on this Christmas while letting your home look unique!

Lastly, wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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