6 Types of Sales Promotions That Work for Small Businesses


Just because your business is not yet popular, it doesn’t mean that you don’t deserve to relish and ascending sales graph! Well, it might be true that you won’t be able to spend a huge flow of dollars for your business promotion. But, if you just opt for the right strategies then you can earn a high ROI without any worries.

Wondering how is that actually possible? Well, just go through the following list and you will thus get a crystal clear idea!

  • Go for Two-Fer sale

It is one of the smartest ways that you can opt for doing a great sales promotion for your small business. When you will offer such a sale then it will look like ‘two for one’ to your customers. And, they will certainly hop into your store with the hope of getting a buy one and get one free offer. But, actually, the scenario will be something different. You would be just selling two things for one price which can or can’t be discounted.

So, it is one of the most exciting approaches that you can go for!

  • Bundle sales are exciting

Just like the two-fer sale, Bundle sale will also allow you to stack up multiple products at a single price and thus it will create an astounding appearance of the value. Typically the scenario for your customers would be like the bundle is getting sold out for less.

But, you can strategically use the formulated bundles to move expensive products which are less popular at the full price by packaging them with the discounted versions of popular products. So, it will be an overall win-win condition for you!

You can even include the complimentary devices or products in the bundles that people will not prefer to buy separately.

Small business promotion ideas

  • Offer free gifts

Yes! Free gifts are something that is always exciting for the shoppers. And, if the gift is something that is both beneficial for your customer and promotional for your brand then it is far more amazing!

For example, if you distribute a free t-shirt with your logo and website printed on the same with any of your customer’s purchases then it will be something really great! Just ensure the fact that the free gift that you are offering is of high quality so that people get a constant urge to grab it.

  • Email the coupons

Discounts are always going to attract your customers so coupons will always prove to be a fantastic approach for promoting your business. But, being a small business owner, you might not be having such a huge fund to print thousands of coupons for your customers. So, you can rather email the coupons to them.

On doing so, you can save huge bucks and attract a lot of customers at the same time while doing a great sales promotion.

  • Advertise limited availability

To get a warning of limited availability always tends to get an immediate spur among the shoppers. And, thus they start making quick decisions to purchase your products.

For example, if you offer a sale for only fifteen days or display an exclusive collection for a limited time then people will certainly buy as soon as possible if they want to get a certain product.

  • Daily deals do wonders

Do you know that companies like Groupon built their business while just prioritizing limited time deals? You can also opt for the same strategy for your small business and climb up the stairs of success like never before!

Just base it around an email sending list to which you can offer one-day deals once in a week. Or, you can even offer new prestamos rapidos deals each and every day and advertise a one day discount for the customers who sign brand new one-year service agreements.

Just take care of the fact that you are making the word out just one day before the deal-day and thus when the day will arrive then customers will be ready to make the purchases.

So, do you still think that promoting your small business would be a tough task for you? Well, hopefully not! You can go for these simply fantastic marketing strategies and thus you can be ensured about achieving a huge success.

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